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General Introduction
to Professor Pilikian’s series of
Articles on President Obama’s Website 
Phaedra Behrent

Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian has published a series of articles in his trademark discourse of “outside-the-box thinking” (in the immortal words of the late Richard Skellington, a Founding Father of the Open University, Britain’s and perhaps the world’s largest university with over 250,000 mature students). 

I detect subtle and refined, semantic structural dimensions to the Professor’s inimitable style of discourse – a second invisible semantic layer, advocating (for example) a new kind of social structure, where the sole form of social welfare would be the conscious centrality of

        *   the health and safety of old people, and
        *   mother-and-child care,

converging into a new evolutionary form of complex interaction resulting in universal peace, where the genuine Love and Respect of children at every step of growing-up into safe adulthood shall be paramount, and not serve as targets of disgusting paedophile rape and murder, that constitutes the ultimate basis of military campaigns and actual wars – you only have to look once at the heartbreaking pictures of the million refugees engineered by Middle Eastern wars to grasp how correct is Professor Pilikian’s diagnosis of the events destroying our own world bye and bye, and perhaps very soon now by Climate Change, reaching a tipping point when even the Almighty-in-heaven would have run out of patience with the foolish-in-power, meaning the pathetic little Satans of this planet, abusing it 24/7, as their mother Nature.

Corrupt men-in-power have the same abusive relationship with Mother Earth as they have with their own mothers and children!

The Spartans of ancient Greece brought up their children as ‘married’ homosexual warriors (having already killed their defective children – throwing them from a mountain-top into a volcanic ridge).

In our own times, the perverted African military (trained in post-colonial Western military academies of shame) went one further – following the obscenity of creating female soldiers, they innovated the field this time with child-soldiers, unbound by genocidal consciousness.

Hence, the huge significance of Professor Pilikian’s outside-the-box paradigm, running like a red thread through the series, sustaining conceptually the idea that another type of society is indeed possible and desirable if we do want to build a social future-in-global-peace.

While the non-racist world rejoiced in President Obama’s (at least part) Blackness, Professor Pilikian alone historicized it as a Second American Revolution, which seems to have alerted the US military to consequently subvert viciously the President’s grand scheme of bringing peace to this much disturbed world, by closing down the Guantanamo prison of shame, the horrifying symbol of horrifying tortures outlawed by the Human Rights strictures of the United Nations.

Equally sad and tragic was the US military’s unforgivable sabotage of President Obama’s project (as part of his presidential plan to construct peace-in-this-world) to acknowledge once and for all as genocide the Young Turks’ 1915 proto-Nazi racist murder of the Armenians, the inheritors of the Byzantine Empire  in ‘Turkey’


No historian has grasped yet Professor Pilikian’s evidence-led proposition that

“the Turkish genocide of the Armenians was the root cause of literally all the socio-economic problems that are still in destructive motion in the Middle East – in Syria, in the Deir-El Zor, the killing fields of the Turkish genocidal atrocities, there existed a mass grave 3 times the size of a Football-pitch, burying the actual bones of the Armenian victims as the unalterable concrete physical evidence of the historical fact endlessly documented in book-studies.  The present Turkish state finally succeeded in destroying that physical evidence once and for all by starting the civil-war in Syria.

Even the state of Israel was created because of the Armenian Question.  Herzl, the founder of Zionism, negotiated with the bloody Sultan Hamit, promising him in return to scupper the Armenian Question out of the international media (he was a highly skilful journalist ...) 

It explains the puzzle that to this day, the official state of Israel denies the genocide of the Armenians, against the intellectual and creative elite of the Israelis themselves ... 

The civil war in Syria simultaneously killed off the claim of the Syrian Golan Heights out of the international political agendas.   Hitler said, whoever remembers the Armenians – we can say now, whoever remembers the Syrian Golan Heights!  

Today, the unresolved Armenian Question is a superb toy for international Monopoly-play – the Vatican uses it to keep Muslim Turkey out of white Christian Europe.  They have just published (late by a century!) a multi-volume set of the archival evidence hitherto hidden in the famous Vatican Library.  It shall now be out of the question that Turkey can ever enter the European Union it badly needs for economic reasons.

Mentally retarded imperialists never understand that injustice done is suicidal terminal cancer... until justice is somehow restored”.  

(Personal Communication).     


Editorial Notes by Mrs Phaedra Behrent, poet, senior Editor, and independent Researcher:


Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian’s Blueprint to change the world for global Peace begins with this vital document-letter, addressed to the Senators Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Barack Obama, the Democrat candidates for the President and Vice-Presidency. Note the early date of the letter – 10th August 2008. 


The letter documents the remarkable, radical, innovative and very practical mindset of Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian himself. 


A gay friend told me once the story he had heard on the theatrical grapevine, twenty odd years ago when the professor was a legendary theatre-director of classical Greek Drama, doing the rounds of the theatre-land then;


“Pilikian – using no titles in the theatre – had a gay set-designer he had helped to come out, be himself, freed totally from social lies, living happily with a partner and mother in their house in South London.  They all loved the Professor for his courage, generosity and kindness.  The set-designer would frequently bring flowers to Pilikian’s American wife.  One day, out of the blue, he tells him,


Hovhanness, I have tried everything, all the different scenarios in my head, trying to prove you’re at least a Closet Queen ... I failed, I finally throw in the towel and declare that you are the only totally heterosexual man on this planet, and I am proud to know you” 

Pilikian with his inimitable humour says, "thank you my darling, you have just honoured me with a Lordship in the House of Commons!"
Two decades later, the BBC, still the voice of the BIE (the British imperialist Establishment) declares to the world
That many humans are homosexual is well known      
This is of course pure pseudo-scientific hogwash, promoted by a deliberately misinforming BBC – I do not know what scientific data they are using for such an irresponsible confirmation, but the 6 billion people of our planet born of heterosexual sex-act is 6 billion times the evidence that BBC is faking it for homosexual globalization”, said Professor Pilikian. 
However, I must confess, that “The totally Heterosexual” Professor, I think is being too kind to women generally, by idealizing them –countless are the women who are worse than men in many aspects.

There is no need to quote endless cases of women child-killers, a single notorious one equivalent to Nazi war-crimes, shall for ever stay as the Biblical shame of the female of the species, can never be forgotten or deleted out of history – Madeleine Albright, the first woman US Secretary of State, Satan incarnate, cool as a dude, without batting an eyelid, shamelessly declares on 60 minutes TV (on May 12, 1996), 500.000 dead Iraqi children was a price well worth paying for American criminal warmongering against Iraq.
See it on YouTube, I still cannot believe it – I bat my eyelids a hundred times, and have to rub them as many times ... Albright the Satan tarnished our Sex for eternity!
Of course one has to evaluate the totally heterosexual Professor’s women-oriented sociological theory as a symbolical paradigm.
Symbolically speaking, All of the Professor’s political points are so true. 

I have been thinking it over, whether President Obama and his Vice were not willing overtly to put the Professor’s feasible plan in action because it is a long-term solution, not something for a few days, but for eternity! I hope it is not the case because that would be a heinous reason.

Complete child-welfare would definitely solve many of our global problems. The Professor’s faith in the positive aspect of American foreign policy – its internal Democracy (not yet deleted by their evil military-industrial forces), to lead the initiative would render it more likely to spread around the globe, is spot on. With social networking and the Internet, the world has shrank, made a lot smaller – trends and ideas can spread in minutes, we have all seen YouTube clips that have gone 'viral' in no time at all. 
What country would be willing to say that child- welfare should not be on the top of their political agenda? 
Total well-being for the future of our children, as the Professor emphasizes, implicitly would have to include cleaning up the air pollution and putting a stop to wars. Our babies are the ones who die in these conflicts, surely everybody can understand that! 
It is a shame that President Obama did not have the forethought to put some sort of a plan into action – what a powerful legacy he would have left to mark his terms in office. 
When are the leaders of the world going to realise that if they do not act now there will be no world left to sustain the human race.
I realise that nurturing our children may not seem like any kind of way to snatch at power, but power will be of no use to anyone at the death of our planet. The richest and most powerful person on Earth still needs clean air to breathe.
      “Unfortunately, the warmongers of the world in cahoots everywhere, would not give it a chance, stretching the destruction of the world, to the end, when there shall be no world left to end... incredible, but absolutely true; as the true power-holders of the world are the greatest fools and idiots inhabiting this most beautiful, heavenly planet”.
(Personal communication from the Professor). 




PROFESSOR HOVHANNESS I. PILIKIAN, B.A. in Eng. Lit. (American Uni of Beirut),
B.Sc. Hons. in Psych. (Open Uni), 

M.A. in Soc. Anth. (Sch of Oriental & African Studies),

 Gulbenkian Foundation Scholar in Econ. (LSE) (London Uni),

D.A.A.D-Fellow (Uni of Munich), D.G.G.B,

Dip. Th. Pr. (R A D A), Cert. Hum (Open),


Adamian Award (Ministry of Culture – Armenian S.S.R.),  F.R.A.I.,


Contributor to Encyclopaedia Britannica


                                                                                                              10th August 2008

Exclusive to the Addressees                                                                                

Entirely Private and Totally Confidential    


Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)

713 Hart Senate Office Building

District of Columbia 20510-1305, Washington DC


Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

780 Third Avenue

Suite 2601 New York, NY 10017


Dear Senators Clinton and Obama,

You may like to know that my personal letter (dated 1st July, copy below) to your good selves is now an Open Letter published on the Web on,21

My letter contains

(1) A new Theory of History – that History advances by Mindset-shifts,

(2) A radical historical interpretation of Warmongering – that it manifests Masculinist obsessions contingent on the rape of women and the murder of ‘their’ children, and finally

(3) A proposition for a new socio-economic paradigm – universal CHILD-WELFARE, for all, to achieve global peace...  


Yours truly


Professor Hovhanness Israel Pilikian.




Exclusive to the Addressees                                                                                 1st July 2008

Entirely Private and Totally Confidential    


Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)

713 Hart Senate Office Building

District of Columbia 20510-1305, Washington DC


Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

780 Third Avenue

Suite 2601 New York, NY 10017


Dear Senators Clinton and Obama,


If only the two of you shall join hands, there can be no reasonable doubt that you two shall win the forthcoming presidential election, from that moment onwards ... and assuming that you shall resist all electoral fraud from the Republicans – for the very good reason that, with baited breath, the whole world expects America to change – the horrendous neo-Cons succeeded not only destroying Iraq, with Depleted Uranium bomb-winds blowing towards the much-tortured Israeli nation they pretended to defend ... the inhuman neo-Cons destroyed as much America’s good name, dragging it into the sewage of History.   The American people deserve desperately your healing powers to pull them out of History’s genocidal sludge and murderous mire. 

Senator Obama is absolutely right that America is ready for change – and Senator Clinton has the right idea for that change – hence this letter to provide the clinching ideological grounding of your cause to make it irresistible for the whole world to adopt.

I think Human civilization evolves by paradigmatic ‘shifts in Mindset’ – by which I mean that a nation’s mind – meaning ‘the communitarian-brain’–is re-wired through the processes of the communications-media into certain ‘ways of communal thinking’.

Mankind’s History hitherto, alas, has manifested the barbarian’s barbaric mindset of crude brutal power for its own sake.  The French Revolution reflected and universalized by then the re-wired mindset of the parochial Italian Renaissance humanism, passing the torch onto the American Revolution which for the first time in history exemplified the concept of Power-To-do-Good, and not for its own cruel sake. 

Unfortunately the neo-Con Bushites wished to revert to the Malthusean-Hobbsean Jungle Law, demeaning the principals of the American Revolution.

Thus, overall, human history hitherto (even at its best with the American Revolution, never mind in the genocidal dumps today with the Bushists) has manifested the human mindset of the masculinist Darwinist brain-wiring, set on the oppression and rape of women and children, and the elimination of ‘useless people’ ...

I shall propose to you a new paradigm to wire-up a new mindset to evolve in our post-modern human brain, if only the United States of America, as the dominant world-power, would pioneer its global re-wiring ... Like a panacea, it shall solve all socio-economic problems, including all dangers from Climate change, which must be turned into the single most important issue of international policies.

And it is this, and where Mrs Clinton already possesses the inkling by virtue of her maternal instinct – CHILD-WELFARE – It must be made the single slogan of ALL politics.

History hitherto has been the ruthless product of bi-gender competitiveness, the male always oppressing, dominating and ultimately raping the female – well proven by antique myths (females, be they divine or mortal, are always ravished against their will!), and endless modern warfare – even today women are being raped in ... Zimbabwe, and everywhere else where genocidal wars are active, stretching back in time to Herodotus – the first Historian who lived in the 5th c. BC, and whose very first pages record the gang-bang by Phoenician sailors of the free and feminist women of Argos – thus, according to the Herodotusean historical record, the very first of the countless series of world wars have begun with a ... gang-bang, literally, a group rape by men of a group of innocent women!

The only way this awful bi-polar human stupidity can be eliminated once and for all from the disturbed human psyche and sexualized mindset is by creating a focus on a deeper perspectival Third-dimension – the child-and-its-welfare.  Both genders must focus all life-force on tending a healthy child, literally and metaphorically – it can be the measuring stick and guideline for all ethical human behaviour and action, individually, on the micro-, and politically on the macro-levels. 

Thou shalt not do anything that harms a child – which ensures that paedophilia for example never takes hold of society – there are serious high-powered post-modern attempts in Anglo-America to render it acceptable ...

Thou shalt not kill a child, or its mother, can serve as grounds for all wars all over the world to be stopped – a good reason to dismantle globally the military-industrial complexes against the inhuman dangers of which President Eisenhower first of all so wisely warned the American nation back in the 1950’s.

According to the Bible, Peacemakers are the children of God – I can never understand how and why an American Christian can ever be a warmonger.

Child-welfare must force the realization of Mrs Clinton’s humanitarian policies of universal health-insurance for the people of America – the first and only one of its kind overdue in American History. We all are the children of God! 

And now to the ultimate problem of all global problems – Climate Change, which is a deceptive turn of phrase to camouflage the horrendous evil truth of destroying the very Oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere we need to breathe second-by-second ... never mind polar ice-caps melting, oceans rising, we are (like the foolish individuals who smoke cigarettes on the micro-level) as nations destroying on the macro-level by-the-minute the very Oxygen we need to survive and live by!  Such destruction is evidence of sheer human stupidity – dumping each year 7 billion tonnes of pollutants in the air of this sweet little child-planet. 

Even the Nobel-prize winning Mr. Al Gore won’t dare speak the truth – the global car and aviation industries are satanic evils that need be controlled, transformed and absolutely not expanded.   There is no glee in the lunatic economic predictions that China shall be helped to have ... 900 million cars in the next decade.

If one conceives of this planet – a grain of dust in the vastness of the universe – as yet another little child of the great Creator – then the politicians must do EVERYTHING to save it from the violent stupidities of bi-gender politics.

All for child-welfare – and Child-welfare for all should be the hub of the new neural network out of which the new mindset of the future mankind can and must be wired. 

Only thus, dear ... President Obama, and Vice-President Clinton, can you change America, and the rest of the world, into a new order and Pax Americana, not by genocidal warmongering all over the world that is reducing day-by-day the very Oxygen we need to breathe merely to live as God’s little children!


Yours truly


Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian


There are some excellent, deeply perceptive, beautifully composed Comments on the Professor's articles in the following selections I could download directly from President Obama's website. -   P.Behrent

Give Peace a Chance

By Unknown user Aug 28th 2008 at 4:03 am EDT (Updated Aug 28th 2008 at 4:03 am EDT)

Professor Pilikian is correct. The scale of governmental hypocrisy in the world, and especially in the US under the neo-cons of Bush and Cheney imperils both our people and our planet. There is an urgent need for a new direction in both domestic and global US politics. Restraint, humility, and compassion are vitally needed to ameliorate the social and economic divisions in America, and to enable a new America to emerge from warmongering posturing. The lessons of 9/11 have not been heeded. Barack has articulated some of this perspective but needs to break free of multi-national forces serving status quo and to begin to subvert the arms-oil rush. The US and the world stand on the brink of oblivion. It is time to move on from the bigotry and greed of the Bush years. In 1920 Warren Harding, 29th US President said: America's present need is not heroics, but healing, not nostrums, but normalcy, not revolution, but restoration. And remember mark Twain: a lie can travel half way round the world while the truth puts on its shoes.

This comment highlights the frightening truth that the leaders of the world, and in particular the US, are still on the path to global destruction because of the constant arms/oil trade.

The Warren Harding quote I find particularly poignant, almost 100 years later and still the powers that be are not heeding his very wise words. We need to find a way to heal the earth and do it in a peaceful way.

As Professor Pilikian says quite clearly, we need to do this now for our children, we need to affect not just a temporary solution but a permanent change in our attitudes for the sake of our children. We need President Obama to lead the world by example NOW!! – P.B.

Wonderful words, are they realistic?  

By Unknown user Aug 28th 2008 at 6:42 am EDT (Updated Aug 28th 2008 at 6:42 am EDT)

I totally concur with the good professor and I wish all people in power all around the world would listen to them, but will they?

So much hope around the world is at stake with the US presidential elections, but will the system allow them to make that radical change in the direction of the US? Bill Clinton was not my favourite person, but I believe he tried to defuse tension by visiting Vietnam and making overtures to North Korea, look what happened to him, he was set up and vilified.

Bush and Cheney were not in charge during Vietnam and sadly the Democrats did nothing to change direction then. The victims of agent Orange are still suffering to date, like the Iraqis suffering from the effects of Depleted Uranium today and for decades to come.

I guess what I am saying is even if Obama and Clinton have all the good will in the world for a REAL CHANGE, I am not holding out much hope they will succeed. Yet I will be happy to see them at least try.

However, I am cautious when it comes to ambitious politicians, principles are not their priority.

Please do not let McCain get in! Cannot stand anymore of the warmongering nightmares.

It is appalling that most of the electorate feel this way about politicians and their principles. Senator's pledges and policies are often very different. The same thing happens in the UK as I am sure it does all around the world.

I feel sure that almost all people would agree, if asked, that we should stop spending money on weapons and wars and use it to improve the lives of our children, not just in our own countries but around the world. The eyes of the world do look to the US, if they lead, I am sure that the world would eventually follow -- P.B.

Forward Thinking

By Unknown user Sep 1st 2008 at 3:01 pm EDT (Updated Sep 1st 2008 at 3:01 pm EDT)

I am much impressed with the excellent points that Professor Pilikian makes. I am especially moved by the idea that we need to be more child focused, understanding that adopting this powerful, new mind-set will naturally bring us to a point of: looking after our environment; improving health care for all people; and bringing peace to our world.

Professor Pilikian is a forward thinker and we need more courageous people like him to say what needs to be said.

Yes, Professor Pilikian is a forward thinker indeed, and brave enough to say what he thinks and feels, but what we need next are some intelligent leaders to listen and be brave enough to act on the good professor's words – P.B.

Care for the children  

By Unknown user Sep 9th 2008 at 11:39 am EDT (Updated Sep 9th 2008 at 11:39 am EDT)

Prof Pilikian is right.

How much do the rest of us care about children?

Yes, we care about the children in our families, maybe even some of the children in our neighbourhoods.

But do we care about the children in our country, or all the children on our planet?

Millions of children in our own country and world-wide are denied adequate food, good homes, health services, education ...

Do we truly care?
How can we address this problem?

We need to understand how wealth is created.
To create wealth, people apply their labour to land and natural resources.

Land is required for homes.
We grow food on land.
Land is needed for business premises; offices, factories, shops, hotels etc
We need land for our leisure activities.
Land is needed for transport.

The size of our planet (land) is fixed.
We cannot grow a bigger planet.

Do you agree that every child born today has the equal right to share the land and natural wealth provided by Mother Nature?

If so, how can we easily achieve this, and what will be the results?

The answer is simple, really; Collect the rental value of land!
This can only be achieved with an annual land value tax system, whereby each site is valued for its optimum permitted use -- this will reflect what Society says a site can be used for, and its best market-use within that restriction.

A percentage rate is then applied to this value and collected each year.

The most important result shall be that we all can share in the wealth of our planet.
Landowners will ensure that their land is put to good use. Homes will be built. Urban sprawl will be reduced. Land shall become cheaper for business premises and homes.
Taxes on incomes and trade can be reduced - thus improving the economy for all. More jobs, decent wages and a growth of business can lead to better health and education.

Harrisburg, the Capital of Pennsylvania, USA, introduced a small land value tax (two-tier rate) which has enabled businesses to grow, homes to be built, unemployment to fall, and as neighbourhoods have been smartened up, people with wages in their pockets, idle time changed to new careers that give pride and satisfaction, crime has reduced by 58%!

Let's help the world's children now with the introduction of Land Value Tax !


Dave Wetzel

Mr Wetzel talks about Land Value Tax which I researched and also discussed with Professor Pilikian. This is what the Professor had to add:

"Originally, all the names of the Commentators were preserved on the President’s website. For reasons unknown to me, later editors of the President’s website deleted their names, occasionally changing even the website Links (URLs). The overall URL recorded here, is the last I had received from them directly. I am therefore astounded that Dave Wetzel is the only person who has miraculously escaped de-personification...

 An old friend of mine, Dave had a most exciting concept of Land –God-given but ruthlessly capitalist exploited for personal gain, rather than communal wealth.

The historical rot set in when in Medieval times, through the power of crude weapons, just head-chopping axes, and stomach-churning bayonets, the barbaric criminal Aristocracy, Europe-wide, simply grabbed, stole, pinched and thieved the communitarian land god-given to the people -- peasants, farmers et al, as a means of survival, not to be confiscated as enclosures, starving the many, for the sake of fat-ass so said Princes and Kings, the likes of Henry the VIII ...

Dave Wetzel and his comrades tried to work out a fairer system of Land and wealth distribution, accruing from intelligent and not dumb-ass land use."

In theory Land Value Tax seems like it may be a good place to start, nobody can deny that the Harrisburg results stated in Mr Wetzel's comment are encouraging.

Mr Wetzel is quite correct that we are unable to grow a bigger planet. I believe though that our planet is big enough to sustain the human race, but we have to use the resources wisely.
We must also start to broaden our outlooks and consider not just our own children, but all children. The issues raised in the Professor's letter and in these comments are not particular to the US; they are global and need a global solution. In the multi-media society that we now live in, President Obama is in the perfect position to, almost instantly introduce a new way of thinking to the world.

It delights me to emphasize that most of the Commentators seem to appreciate the Professor's advocacy of Child-Welfare as a social structure, a conceptual building brick to construct a new society of Peace in the world. 


Phaedra Behrent.



Everybody should know (and I bet they do) that the magical technology of Computers and the Internet (with Trolls, Viruses, Cyber Warriors/Aggression, and sickening criminal Paedophile Porno) are not perfect, but all too lamentably imperfect, unreliable, and quite mad as their creators – the humans.  Therefore, Links (URLs) unexpectedly may change and come up on other subjects than specified, for which we do not know of any cure. We can only apologize.
In the following two pieces, Professor Pilikian briefly journeys onto two different tangents.  But what glorious journeys of deep meditation -- his definitions are gems of memorable wisdom, composed in a most stylish English discourse. 
His diagnosis of illness generally as directly caused by socio-economic structures is a path-breaking radical innovation in Epidemiology. Although there has always been the occasional recognition that there is a link between stress and illness, I do believe that our governments deliberately play down the Stress-factor in the capitalist pursuit of the nation’s health as a whole. 
We hear time and time again how many billions of pounds are spent on the National Health Service (NHS), but nobody points out how much tax we, the nation's poor pay to the government, while the rich avoid taxes and the big companies pay pennies. With the criminal abolition of Free Education and the cutting back of the Welfare Benefits year in year out, and now every year, our NHS should be swimming in money... rather than choking in dried up lakes of plenty.

We have millions of people living below the poverty line. In 2014, a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies said that “23.2% of Britons were now in relative poverty, the highest since 2001”' (Wikipedia, Poverty in the United Kingdom, 30/01/16).  That is almost a quarter of our population suffering from financial stress leading to their health being at risk, not only due to the fact that they are unable to feed themselves properly, and heat their homes adequately, but at risk of catching dangerous microbial and harmful viral diseases because of reduced immunity as a direct result of poor diets.
Professor Pilikian has quite correctly identified the root of the problem faced by our country – instead of mumbling and nagging over the cost of the Welfare System, and scapegoating the NHS, it must be the job of our politicians to relieve the socio-economic pressures (hence the Stresses) on the people who vote for them, which will in turn improve the overall health of our nation, in turn reducing the demands on the NHS. 
Medical Doctors must know in their hearts that the Professor is totally right about the causality of illness in general. 
The Professor adds (in a personal communication); 
"even external infective mechanical forces, like microbes and viruses can only grab hold of the body in their mortal grip, if the Body's immune system is reduced by Stress.
"I would argue that Stress is indeed the sole direct cause of all illness, including complex ones like Alzheimer ... the reason the medical profession would reject this concept, and trains Doctors exclusively in the Newtonian mechanistic model of the Body -- Patients are treated as machines, with replaceable soulless bits and pieces -- is a disturbing commodity-concept of illness and disease.
"Because if Medicine would accept the truth about the dignity of the human being, and Socio-economic Stress being the only cause of Disease, then Medicine, and medical practitioners (Doctors and Nurses) cannot but be at the forefront of the fight for Socialism, rather than Knighthoods and Lordships, and never permit medical practice to transmute into a saleable commodity as whores of Mafia-Bankers' Capitalism."    
Phaedra Behrent.


Britain’s Free National Health Service:
Britain’s Passport to Civil Society of sheer Human Decency and Compassion
A mad British Conservative Member of the European Parliament recently attacked the universal Free medical care system in Britain known as the NHS = the National Health Service, advocating its abolition.   He was then mis-used by the powerful money-men of America in their attempt to subvert President Obama’s plans of inserting a similar system into America for the compassionate benefit of the American people.
The British system of free universal medical care is not perfect; its faults usually derive from the attempts of those in the British officialdom that tamper with it to destroy it insidiously from within.
I too have suffered seriously on the fault-lines of the service.  However, I know I speak for millions of Britons who want to improve the NHS, not destroy it.  The majority of the doctors and nurses are angels saving lives daily from the ravages of serious illness caused directly by the stresses and evil of an inhuman socio-economic system controlled by ruthless market forces, servile to the whorish profit motive at all costs.
Free universal medical care (and free universal Education at all levels) was the great contribution of Lenin’s 1917 October Revolution in Russia.  The British imperialist elite was so panicked that the same may happen in Britain,  they cleverly absorbed its greatest humanitarian contribution and created the welfare-state as a bulwark against potential communism.  Today, they deny all copycat action, but the un-acknowledged historical facts are unalterable and inevitable.

It was a terrible crime to eliminate Free University Education in England.  Fortunately, Scotland did not follow suit.  But Free Health care must be saved to Doomsday.
There can be no civil society imbibed within a culture of humanitarian care and compassion for fellow human beings without a free universal health care service. Britain owes its humanity to it.  Abolish it, and we shall reverse to the Jungle Law already rampant in most countries of the world today.
The Abolition of the Death Penalty  
Britain’s greatest historical Contribution yet to humanitarian society  
Mankind’s historical record of inhumanity and barbaric torture still going on in this beautiful world soiled by tyrannical systems is unforgivable and shameful, evil beyond belief, and evidence of satanic low-life.
Renaissance humanism could not eradicate the centuries old practices of hanging, quartering, and all manner of state-crimes which finally evolved into the horrendous genocides of our own centuries.
Yet, official Britain, in 1969, had the spiritual fortitude and wisdom to abolish Capital Punishment/The Death Penalty perpetrated by the State, setting a godly example for the rest of the world to follow, even though there are still diabolical forces even in Britain struggling to reverse it and restore capital punishment – state-crime by another name!
As my beautiful psychologist wife, Clarice has observed, the horrendous practices that accompany state-murder, say for example, the preparation of an American Electrical Chair, the peeping-tom witnesses to the execution etc. are in themselves corruptive of the human soul.
The Death Penalty means the State compounds the crime by a perverted individual by even worse deliberately executed murder.  No such a State can pretend to be civilized.
The world shall be a better place if the governments of the United States, Russia and China  follow Britain’s lead, albeit thirty years too late, by abolishing the Death Penalty in their own countries, to start the process of civilizing the rest of the world everywhere. 
"A world rid of Death-Penalty is truly a first step to civilized Civil Society, something, like the Regime in Saudi Arabia -- America's great milk-cow and petrodollar cash-machine -- needs desperately, sooner, rather than later", writes Professor Pilikian. 
It is in fact the first rung on the ladder of civilized culture, miles away from the barbaric Medieval Euro-times the Saudi ruling class seem to want to perpetuate". 
"Shame on the American ruling elite that feels no shame of such friends who chop heads and limbs, and stone to death loving women as fornicators. 
“Shame on the American Lesbian Feminists that do not campaign for the freedom and empowerment of the Saudi women.
"Regimes like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are a cancerous cell infecting the whole of the Middle-East Region regress into Barbarism.
"It proves that large American gold-plated cars in Riad, the capital city, do not maketh the humane." 
“I had just written those lines, when I read in the London Daily Mail (30 January, 2016, p. 40), that a blonde Baboon with the gift of the gab, named Donald Trump, in all likelihood the next President of the USA, who wants to build an Israeli Chinese Wall across the Mexican border, owns actually “a gold-plated toilet” – no wonder he innovated modern political campaigns by introducing the anus into the races; “Many wear badges with their favourite Trump slogans: “Bomb the shit out of ISIS”, or “Up yours, Hillary!”, a reference to Mrs. Clinton, the likely Democratic opponent”.

“The Muslims the US Baboon wants to chase out of the USA are really small fry for him – as President of the USA, he may not only decide to nuke North Korea, but also China, and everyone else who dislikes the American Dream, that means the whole world, including his compatriots who live in the nightmare of his gold-plated toilet.”    
What reasonable and rational person could disagree with that!
The practices mentioned by Professor Pilikian that take place in the Middle East are simply unforgivable. How can any nation, especially one who would have the rest of the world believe that their religion is the cornerstone of their people’s entire structure of society, squander the miracle of human life so readily and frequently?
To take the life of another is the ultimate sin, whatever the circumstances.  Here is one of the Professor’s aphoristic statements, rich in extraordinary puns; 

Life is divine, God’s greatest gift to mankind – taking it is Satan’s greatest crime”.
Phaedra Behrent.
 Introductory Notes by Phaedra Behrent

In this theoretical article on Revolutions, Professor Pilikian makes important, innovative and ... revolutionary points (pun intended), examining every significant nook and cranny of revolutionary history, and historical revolutions, from the American to the Chinese.
While not rejecting the Marxist theory, he augments what Karl Marx lacked -- the huge importance of evolutionary 'little' ideas and concepts.

The Professor writes;

"Marx 'invented' massive socio-economic forces to carry out his revolution for a more egalitarian society of social justice throughout the machinery of large scale history.

"I argue for smaller ideatic forces as cogs and wheels in the larger dynamo that History is.  After all, the oak tree grows from a seed -- the gigantic oak (= the revolutionary evolution) is in the tiny seed (= an idea); the genius of a Leonardo or an Einstein is in the drip of their father's ejaculate meeting their mother's microscopic egg !

"According to Marx's own theory of vast socio-economic forces unleashed by the Capitalist system, mainly the Proletariat, carrying the flag and marching victoriously to a Socialist society, Marx's big ideas would count for nothing ... they are idealistic hence worthless in the context of Marxian materialist facts of history.  Marx, unwittingly (and I think masochistically), rubbished his own ideas, by considering ideas to be examples of Hegelian idealism!! 

"Today's invisible non-existent Proletariat are Engels' lumpenproletariat of petty thieves, cut-throats, disease-ridden prostitutes, the Victorian equivalent of modern mafia drug-dealers in street corners, the unemployed, the penniless students whoring for fees, the refugee slave-workers, etc., the Dickensian characters of the poor-masses Marx and Engels despised and denigrated, deleting them out of their grand history of factory-workers.

"The Great Marxist prophets (plus Lenin, Stalin, Mao) could predict little that one day what I call the British neo-mafia Capitalism of Mrs Thatcher would wipe out the carefully nurtured Marxist Proletariat out of history... its revolutionary role today taken over by the lumpen-Internet generation of public-square revolutionaries with mobiles".
(Personal Communication)
Professor Pilikian brings up a very interesting point about the evolution of Revolutions. In our modern society, an uprising of hundreds of thousands needs no proletariat  to take place by a couple of clicks on a computer, laptop or even a mobile phone. To rally supporters of all white-collar professions (minus Marxian industrial proletariat) can take just a well- worded post on Facebook or Twitter.

There are often situations when, in the past, there would have been a march of thousands up to the doors of the parliamentary headquarters needed, the only way for the general population to join together and show, en masse, their view on certain issues.

We have now entered the time of the 'on-line petition' -- the post-modern approach and the fastest way to manufacture support, and get positive results without leaving our ... houses -- witness an organization of almost 43 million people constituting a world-wide community 

British governments run a similar organization officially to trumpet their own political acts; there is a petition at the moment to "Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated." ( By 22.05 o'clock, on 11/02/16, there were already 460,523 signatures collected. Were it not for the Internet, this kind of level of support would have taken a lot of money and a lot of PR effort to achieve. 

I mention the above petition as a mere example of the power of modern technology, not because I agree in any way with the content and thinking behind it. 

"Far from it" confirms Professor Pilikian, "as it insidiously combines themes which are linked only through verbal dexterity, by Oxbridge trained very clever civil servants! Immigration = the importation of slave labour to substitute the 'genocided' British proletariat, has really nothing to do with the neo-Nazi criminals of ISIS!"   

We all know about the French Revolution and the thousands of people who marched from Paris to Versailles. It is said that on the 6th October 1789, the King of France and his family went with the people back to Paris, the procession numbering between 30,000 and 40,000 people. (J.Llewellyn and S.Thompson, "The October march on Versailles", Alpha History, accessed 11/02/2016,

All of those people marching together at the time would have presented a huge show of force and intent, however the actual number of protesters was less than 10% of the number of signatures on the petition mentioned above.

So what today constitutes a 'Revolution'?

The Professor talks about smaller ideatic forces being the cogs and wheels, is this petition an example of such a cog or wheel? Has this become the 'new' approach to marches and demonstrations? Is this how modern society demonstrates its dissatisfaction with the state of the country or a government?

For thousands of years there has been fighting, people revolting against their governments, displaying the need for radical systemic change.

Many people today in the world look to America, to set an example of what can be done. The American governments have been responsible for many atrocities, but they have also been responsible for positive changes in attitudes of their own people toward one another.

They have a long history of demonstrating how people must evolve, to progress. They gained their independence by revolution, and since then they have been constructing a nation. They have shown the problems encountered when people of different origins have to live together, they have highlighted the mistakes that can occur, and the consequent changes to put things right.

I believe that this is the reason why people look up to America to demonstrate the way forward.

In 1619, the first African slaves, abused as free commodity stocks, were forcefully downloaded  in Virginia.  

"It took them 400 yearsin 2009, to elect Barack Obama as the first African American president of the United States, while all along, still, the white police criminals openly get away with Nazi-style murder of the Black youth of America used as sitting ducks, and there is nothing the Black-and-white President of America can do to stop such abhorrent shameless racism.  Worse, the corrupt American legal system, Justices of the highest Court, exonerate the blatant trigger happy white scum", writes Professor Pilikian (personal communication).  

President Obama has an uphill battle to fight; he has inherited many issues and has much important work to do. "By putting him in charge, the good people of greater America who voted for him showed good faith, that he is the best man for the job, which does not have to be in the hands of white trash like Mr. Bush junior".

The American people have shown the kind of national progress in attitudes that is possible to achieve. Let us hope that President Obama will show the leaders of the world how to effectuate such national evolution. 

Maybe in another 400 years the human race will have learned how to live together, and proven that we can share our global resources peacefully and without artificial class or caste systems.

Only time can and will tell in our own lifetime? Perhaps?
                                                                                     Phaedra Behrent 


The Second American Revolution
Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian
A New Theory of Revolution
Revolutions are dodgy things – hard to locate, difficult to define and date, complicated affairs to disentangle, arising out of a web of complex historical facts and events. 
When is a popular uprising a rebellion, turning into a Revolution?  How does it differ from a civil war, or a civilian coup d’├ętat with some military backing, or a coup d’├ętat by military blockheads, without any popular mass-support?

Was the American Revolution (1775-83), the first of a global chain, truly one?  The contemporary participants certainly thought so, calling themselves “revolutionaries”. 

Were the incredible horrors of The Terror that followed on the heels of the French Revolution (1789) part and parcel of it?  Some other French revolutions followed – on a revolutionary continuum, could they be regarded as the further convulsions of the first, including the corruption of Napoleon’s attempt at imperialist world-domination, as in his youth he had dreamt of spreading the noble ideals of the first French Revolution (influenced by the American one)?

Was the French revolutionary Terror the speeded-up equivalent of the American Civil War (1860-65) that could have been the belated outcome of the American Revolution?

What about the 1917 October Revolution in Russia – actually the second of … two revolutions in a single year, the first having ended the tsarist rule?  It may have been mind-set-and-shifted by Lenin and his Bolshevik Party, but it owed its popular beginnings to the astounding historical event hitherto not properly understood let alone explained by historians – the sudden demise and dissolution overnight of over a million-strong Tsar’s army … the vast community of ‘Russian’ soldiers, as if the neural network of a single community-brain or mind, decided to desert the battlefield and return to their homes, letting the battlefront simply melt away and ‘disappear’ … It was the most extraordinary ‘revolution’ in mankind’s history, the first of a kind, sui generis.

It was this powerful ‘re-wiring’ of a whole nation’s mind that served as the concrete basis set in concrete that saw the Soviet Union survive the unimaginable horrors of Stalinism and the Second World War, the Korean War… down to the non-stop onslaughts by Britain and America all over the world (especially in Afro-Asia) during the Cold War

Need Revolutions fail?

Why have all social revolutions failed and fallen into terror and beastliness?  The English Civil War (1642-46) cut off the King’s head (Charles I), closed down the theatres, and choked the very liberties it professed to free … making of the puritanical parliamentarian Cromwell another tyrannical King!

The Chinese Revolution of 1949 was a curious novelty, occurring amidst a Civil War in China (1946-50), and bombed horribly into the madness of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) born of Mao Tse Tun’s broken mind.

Karl Marx (to my mind) had the most insightful and incisive definition of revolutions – he conceived of a Revolution as the societal change affected by the exploitative economic relations of a corrupted system having embraced some necessary good initially. 

Revolutions fail, I think because the discontent of the masses is perverted by individuals into a tool of personal ambition or what I call the god-complex (otherwise known as the personality cult of leaders) – usually the masculinist power-obsessed narcissism of the macho nature (equally exemplified in some women, like Queen Elizabeth I, Catherine Great of Russia, Lady Thatcher of Modern Britain, Condoleeza Rice of the USA etc.) destroys all, including itself in the case of the male – Hitler, Stalin, Mao …

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez seems to be the first to have developed the wisdom of off-loading the cult onto a third-dimension – the safely dead figure of the historical Simon Bolivar!  Che Guevara’s solution was nobly self-sacrificing and Christian – he went away instead of locking horns with Fidel Castro.  As an agnostic humanist, I prefer The post-modern Chavez wisdom – a lesson revolutionary leaders would do well to learn, and quickly.

I think Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (more than any political theory) can best explain the inevitable nature of necessary revolutions – they are the new species suddenly ‘created’ from the very long incremental evolution of the old – adaptations accumulated within certain environmental conditions, or socio-economic relations in Marxist terms – Marx had wanted to dedicate his Das Kapital to Darwin who had declined it gently.
Beyond Marx, I would say that ultimately, in the final analysis, while not denying contributory validity to the Marxist conception of revolutions, change – any change in science or society – can only occur by mind-set shifts.  Let me explain;

Individual minds constitute the neurological ‘wiring’ of a certain community-mind, reflected in and by a specific culture, which is in a pro-active dialectical tension with individual minds-and-behaviors, i.e. a culture reflects the communally wired neural mind-set – e.g.  The ancient Egyptian Pyramids reflect culturally an entirely different neural mind-wiring from the classical Greek one that could build the Parthenon.

One nation’s history – and let’s remember that the very concept of a ‘nation’ is a 19th c. invention of the European imperialist mind-set, to facilitate the military occupation of large swathes of territories in daylight robbery! – is thus I suggest the product of major revolutionary shifts in the cultural mind-set of that specific culture (now called a ‘nation’).

In what way are my ideas different from Thomas Kuhn’s 1962 structuralist analyses of scientific revolutions in terms of paradigm-shifts?

Thomas Kuhn’s methodology I think is Deductive a posteriori, as different from mine which is a priori inductive.  Kuhn speaks of theory-interpretation and scientific understanding, and is not at all aware of the brain-wiring of the neural mind-set.  I really have nothing to do with his views.

The Split-second Revolution – a new form

To return to my sociological adaptation of the Darwinist theory; New species abruptly come into the fore – are ‘seen’ – emerging out of the old forms (species) as a direct result of millennia of very slow ‘invisible’ structural changes occurring subliminally.  I think the same, in social structures – Revolutions are sudden revelations of evolutionary socio-cultural changes, procured over centuries of societal political frustrations. 

Although the long periods spent in the accumulation of the latter is still the case in our modern technological environment, the speed of the modern US communications media however has greatly shortened the time for the revolutionary mind-jumps to occur

Although past social revolutions, while immensely relatively faster than their evolutionary slow preparatory build-up in centuries of socio-economic failures, nevertheless still took decades to settle – not any more – what I shall define as the Second American Revolution (accepting the first one as such, dated conventionally by the Declaration of Independence on July the 4th 1776) – occurred in a split-second on the penultimate day of the Democratic Convention, and can be dated precisely as a record of history-making before the very eyes of the whole world; Wednesday, 27th August, 2008, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

I had one of the best seats at the US Democratic Convention, watching it at home in … London on the BBC, deep into the after-midnight hours … And I would not have missed it for anything. 

Barack Obama’s Proclamation as the Democratic candidate struck me as the Second American Revolution, and it happened in a split second one could time exactly like that of an Olympic Sprinter … (alas, I cannot work out the exact second because of the time-difference). 

It was when the graceful and gracious Senator Mrs. Hillary Clinton (during the calling of the Roll Call of States) moved a motion that the Convention suspends all procedural necessities and proclaims senator Obama by Acclamation as the sole candidate for the Presidency [of the most armed nation in the world …  President Obama (as any man or woman) shall have a very difficult time wearing them, and I hope he builds up the courage to junk them, to dedicate himself totally to God’s works of global peacemaking …]

At that precise moment when the masses at the Convention hallowed their approval, I could ‘see’, as if on an MRI scan, the mind in the communal community-brain of-the-night suddenly light up and glow with a completely new neural wiring – a massive revolutionary mindset-shift had occurred - affluent white America electing a Black man, Jesus-skin colored, the son of an abused ‘race’, much tortured, frequently raped, often killed, crucified alive by the lunatics of  KuKlux Clans, relentlessly for centuries His brothers and sisters daily starved to slow death, genocided for example in Rwanda (under President Clinton’s blind watch) and now in Darfur, in raw-materials rich Africa etc. etc.

Obama’s Kenyan father may have found haven in America escaping “Britain’s Gulag” – the title of a horrendous book by a most humane American woman, the heart-warming Caroline Elkins  (unlike the moose-shooting Sarah Palin), who could only unravel as late as November 2002 the British Empire’s unforgivable genocidal war-crimes in Kenya (BBC documentary – Kenya: White Terror), still uncompensated and un-apologized for… I hope President Obama shall come to whisper in the right British ears for some such dignity and humanity.

And Finally

There can be no greater lesson of sheer human decency taught to the world by the Democrats of America glorying in the halo of a decent son of African Kenya. 

God forbid that Republican electoral fraud robs him of a much deserved victory, as it did once poor Al Gore … who thankfully became much wiser for it, and achieved greater works than he could as a President beholden to the grand American polluters of this world. I hope Barack Obama offers him the cabinet post of Environment, to save us all from a global catastrophe that desperately needs peace and no-armaments, but only global peace to resolve!

I think some former Presidents, like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, are changed men, humanized from what they were in military-office – and I hope the Homo Africanus gives these wised-up old American males the chance to wipe off the shame of white man’s imperialism from the pages of at least post-modern history.

Americans must be reminded daily that the (First) American Revolution was a fight against imperialism (the British one), a blood-soaked struggle for freedom and self-determination, to send the British imperialists back to Britain!

How dare the Bushite Republicans turn American Imperialists themselves, genociding their way into the territories of other nations … The incontrovertible fact that they invaded the country of Iraq and murdered 1.5 million of its people (hitherto) on a despicable Lie (to eliminate non-existent WMDs) renders them war-criminals, who must be arraigned in La Hague. Unfortunately, of course they won't be. 

The only option left to the honorable Senator McCain is frankly to resign, save his own humanity, and join the Democratic Party!

For the Second American Revolution to occur in a split second, it needed centuries of evolutionary struggles by the enslaved black Africans dehumanized in the American continents. 

The white imperialist scum gives nothing for nothing!  The Haitian Black Jacobins liberated Simon Bolivar’s mind to lead the first non-racist revolution in South America, which fructified in our own days in Fidel Castro, of miniscule Cuba (150 failed attempts by the CIA to murder him), the democratically elected President Salvador Allende of Chile (successfully murdered, alas, by the CIA), the democratically elected President Evo Morales of Bolivia, and the democratically multiply-elected President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela the CIA would love to murder… against a President George Bush of the USA twice put there by corrupt vote-rigging.

Failure to elect Obama to atone for the crimes of the Bush administration would yet become – God forbid – the greatest shame of our own world-history.